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Green Energy – OverviewGreen Energy – Overview

Curtis Engine & Equipment is proud to be one of the pioneers in the development of Green Energy resources. It began about twenty years ago when Curtis was part of the team that developed a landfill gas (LFG) electric power plant at the Brown Station Road landfill in Prince George's County, Maryland. The electricity was for specific government buildings and compounds. At the time such a project was truly "cutting edge" if not downright "experimental". But the years worked in our favor, today the power plant has been expanded to serve even more government buildings and the excess electricity is sold onto the grid. Curtis Engine is still operates and maintains the power plant. We've also taken on other similar projects in Pennsylvania and Virginia and have several other sites in the beginning stages.

LFG is an energy source taken directly from the land, we turn methane gas escaping from landfills directly into electricity. There is no dependence on imported oil or nuclear power. And today, with the pressure on business and local governments to develop renewable "green" energy sources, LFG becomes the best choice as a power solution. One megawatt of LFG electricity generated in one year is the BTU energy equivalent of 1,564 barrels of oil and burns 5 tons of harmful VOC's. The CO2/methane reduction has the same effect as planting 12,600 trees, or removing 9,300 automobiles from the roadways. There are currently 340 LFG projects in the United States and more than 600 additional landfills that can produce this type of electricity economically.

Curtis has been there from the beginning. We have been a part of the national outcry for renewable energy. We have developed the technology and have the expertise to make LFG Electric power plants efficient and cost effective. We're here to provide technical assistance, sales expertise or maintenance costing.

Please contact us at or (410) 536-1203.

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