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Harness Landfill Gas and Use It To Produce Electricity
When wastes in a landfill decompose, methane gas is released into the atmosphere. As the number of landfills increase, this problem continues to grow. As a result, the concept of “Green Energy” is becoming a reality in Faquier County, Virginia.

Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc.
Two 1050 kW gas engine generators are being used to capture this methane gas formerly flared into the atmosphere. By using new ESM engine control technology, waste is being converted into energy.

Curtis Engine & Equipment and Faquier Landfill Gass, LLC, a subsidiary of Pepco Energy Services, have combined forces ath the local landfill in Faquier County.

The ESM engine control system provides continuous diagnostic monitoring, remote communication capabilities (SCADA), advanced ignition timing control, fuel quality and more.

Curtis Engine & Equipment was contracted by Pepco Energy Services to furnish the engine generator system and attendant switchgear. The generator sets and Powercon switchgear were instlalled by Cynergy Electric, Inc. Curtis Engine provides daily operation, maintenace and emergency response to the plant.

*Above: One of two VHP5904 LTD, 1050 kW, special landfill generators used for both the gas compression phase and the generation of electricity.

This 1400 square foot building houses both generator sets and switchgear.


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