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Peak Shaving and Electric Standby Needs for Baltimore’s Inner Harbor
Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s premier attractions. the revitalization of the area is continuing with the growth of Inner Harbor east. H&S Properties Development Corporation has assumed a large portion of the redevelopment with its 18 acre multi-use site. the site includes a 750 room Marriott Waterfront Hotel, a 200 room Marriott Courtyard Hotel, an entertainment complex with multiplex cinemas, restaurants and residential and commercial office buildings.

Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc.
H&S selected Trigen Energy Baltimore as the utility agent to provide 10,000 tons of cooling, 2 megawatts of peak shaving electricity and 124 MMBTU’s per hour of hot water. trigen was chosen because of their proven experience in designing, managing and operating efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling systems. Curtis Engine & Equipment provided the specific equipment necessary to complete the project.

Larry LaMotte Vice President Trigen Energy Baltimore stated, “Trigen wanted to partner with a company that could provide a solution for our peak shaving and standby needs. Curtis Engine & Equipment was able to offer those solutions and back it up with the best price and on-time delivery. They have not let us down.”

*Above: The Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Curtis Engine & Equipment provided a 1000 kW Elliot Power Systems diesel unit, a 2000 kW diesel unit and a 2000 kW natural gas unit to the site.

A 2000 kw natural gas generator

A 2000 kW diesel generator set was delivered to Trigen for peak shaving.

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