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Drive Down Energy Costs at The Maryland State Office Building
The State of Maryland bid out a job to increase energy efficiency in their office buildings on Preston Street in Baltimore City.

Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc.
Curtis Engine along with team leader Custom Energy/M&E Honeywell, became part of an energy performance contract saving taxpayers in the State of Maryland over $10 million in energy costs.

Curtis delivered three 1200 kW gaseous fueled generator sets to provide standby power, heating and air conditioning for the office complex.

In addition, the equipment provides peak generating power during periods of high cost peak electric demands.

These generator units are capable of operating individually or in parallel with the power grid.

*Above: Generator sets being delivered to the job site as scheduled.

Cables were hooked onto generator sets, which were then lowered into the basement of the complex.

The generator sets were wheeled into their final position in the basement of the State Office Building Complex.


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