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Expansion of Electricity Project at Prince George’s County Landfill
The Brown Station Landfill in Prince George’s County was already a success story, capturing methane gas at the facility and converting it to power. Curtis has operated and maintained the original facility since its inception in 1987. Additional landfill methane provided the opportunity for an expansion project known as “Phase II.”

Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc.
Curtis Engine was contracted to furnish the complete design, construction, startup, and commissioning of the Phase II Project. Now Prince George’s County is able to produce 6.8 megawatts of electricity, more than doubling its previous capacity, and boiler feed gas for several County buildings including the Correctional Facility.

The Phase II Project includes a generator powerhouse with four Dresser Waukesha VHP7100GL generator sets rated at 4.4 megawatts, switchgear, and controls.
The system is interconnected to the PJM Grid.

*Above: The “Big Orange.” The Dresser Waukesha VHP Series has established the standard for performance and availability in landfill gas applications.

The New power plant at the Brown Station Road Landfill Facility.

The switchgear parallels the four generator sets, all of which and are interconnected to Pepco and the PJM Grid.

Control Room where Curtis technicians monitor the equipment and service as needed, to ensure efficiency and reliability.

MTU Onsite Energy and Dresser Waukesha