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Reliable Back-up Power Critical to the Walter Reed Medical Center
The Walter Reed Medical Center (WRMC) is the Army’s premier medical facility in the United States. Located in Washington, D.C., it is visited regularly by VIP’s. The Army Corp of Engineers, who represent the WRMC, have established strict technical guidelines to ensure that the most critical hospital loads are kept powered during an outage.

Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc.
Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc. recieved commendation for Mr. Mark Allen, Electrical Engineer for the U.S. Army Corp, for the role they played in this crucial project. The professionalism and technical expertise displayed by Curtis employees during each phase of the process was prased.

Curtis Engine & Equipment was selected along with Syska Henneeey to provide and install six 1500 kW diesel generator sets and two Powercon 7000 ampere paralleling swicthgear lineups. The generator sets, powered by Mitsubishi engines, provide backup power for the entire hospital.

The system has been designed into two banks of three generators, each controlled by seaparate switchgear lineups, which are connected together by automatic tie breakers. Redundancy has been built into the system so that a maximum of 6 megawatts of power is available to power the hospital load of approximately 3 MW. It is an amazing system that feeds thirty-two individual transfer switches.

*Above: The system includes a complex scheme of load shedding and transfer inhibiting signals that respond to three load priority levels to ensure the most critical hospital loads are kept powered during a power outage.

The units are temporarily situated in sound attenuated trailers and the switchgear in temporary housings until a permanent energy plant is built.

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