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Peak Shaving Power Generation for the Washington Convention Center
The Washington Convention Center is DC’s largest building. It covers six city blocks, has five levels and offers over 2.3 million square feet of loor space for exhibitions, meetings and a ballroom which seats 3,000 people comfortably for dining. Keeping utility costs in check is a high priority.

Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc.
Trigen Pepco Energy Services is responsible for the utility maintenance of the Center. Based on previous project partnership experience, they chose Curtis Engine to provide the peak shaving and emergency power generation equipment for this facility.

The equipment necessary for this building consists of:

- Four 1 megawatt diesel fueled generators manufactured by Elliot Power Systems
- Eight peak shaving closed transition transfer switches
- Six emergency power transfer switches
- Four 2500 KVA transformers with network protectors
- 15 KV incoming switchgear
- 480 Volt distribution and paralleling switchgear
- A remotely located control system for all of the switchgear equipment

The Transformers reduce the 13,800 Volts of incoming power recieved from the utility grid to a 480 Volt distribution level. While the equipment is operating in the peak shaving mode, the generators momentarily parallel with the main power grid via the closed transition transfer switches. The A/C units (chillers) are then powered by the generators instead of the grid during times when energy costs are at their peak, thus reducing the utility charges. If the equipment should be operating in the peak shaving mode and the main power gird fails completely, the equipment will automatically shift into critical power mode, via the emergency power transfer switches, with no interruption or loss of power in the building.

*Above: Transformers and network protectors

Artist’s rendering of the Center

Control system for all of the switchgear equipment that was provided by Powercon Corporation



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