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Curtis Engine & Equipment, Inc. provides mobile diesel generator set for rent or purchase. Rentals are available for daily, weekly or monthly projects.

The units can be used for standby or prime power applications. Each unit is equipped with a sound attenuated housing and a subbase fuel tank.Many units have voltage selector switches for ease in matching your voltage with the generator set.All units are re-connectable to the proper voltage.

Curtis Engine will provide cable, delivery, pickup and, if necessary, installation services. Rates are dependent on your location and the type of project.

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Special Features


Broad Creek WWTP


Curtis Engine delivers MTU Onsite Energy generators. Read more about this new project

Quantico Marine Base


Quantico gets custom MTU generator installations. Read more about this new project

Fairfax County


Curtis Engine meets strict emissions requirements. Read more about this new project

Mercy Hospital


Onsite Energy and ASCO installed at Mercy Hospital. Read more about this new project

Green Energy


We're proud to be one of the pioneers in the development of Green Energy resources.
Visit our Green Energy section