Beyond 75:  Priming for the Future

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As Curtis Engine’s 75th anniversary year begins to wind down, it’s time to look to the future. What is the outlook for Curtis Engine during the next five to 10 years? What market factors and opportunities will drive the company’s growth? What strengths will the company be able to draw on? What challenges will need to be overcome?

With these preliminary questions as “thought provokers,” we invited company leaders and key employees to answer the following question:

How is Curtis Engine priming for the future?

Following is a sampling of “quotable quotes.”

Trip Harrison

President and Chief Executive Officer

“Curtis Engine will continue to thrive, not only as a Baltimore-based business serving the local market, but also on a larger scale serving some of the world’s biggest and best-known companies.  We will draw on our two of our greatest strengths – our people and our ability to recognize and react to changes in the marketplace. The power generation equipment market will probably look much different in 10 years with new products such as microgrids and CHP systems playing a larger role and integrated with diesel backup generator sets, battery storage, and solar.  Regardless of the products and competitors, our customers will always need knowledgeable and professional engineers and technicians to integrate and service their systems.  This is what we have done for 75 years, it is what defines us today, and what will continue to be our focus in 10 years.”

 Joe Glackin

Electrical Service Manager

“We’re constantly adding more service technicians to make sure we have the availability to handle emergency response. We’re putting these new technicians through lots of training – in-house, in the field and at the factory. Once they are fully trained, our technicians are given the authority to deal directly with customers and develop a personal relationship. Customers have our cell phone numbers and can call us whenever they have questions. This is especially important for customers at hospitals, data centers and other mission-critical facilities.”

Dakeisha Gross

Business Development Manager

“Only the greatest companies are able to build a legacy that can live for 75 years and beyond!

Curtis Engine has positioned itself with such a solid foundation over the last 75 years that our name, industry knowledge, and quality customer care for all our customers is respected, trusted, and requested for all mission critical needs. Our tagline says it best: ‘When you’re out of power…you’re out of business.’ Curtis will be there every time to help keep your lights on!”

Alan Koch

Sales Engineer and Senior Project Engineer

“Curtis Engine is priming for the future by never being content to be the second fiddle or runner up. Some other companies may have better brand recognition, but we won’t let that stop us from aiming to be the best. We have won over multiple customers that previously used only other brands, including University of Maryland Medical Systems and Beebe Healthcare. From sales to service we always strive to provide top notch customer service for all of our clients.”

Paul Koch

Chief Operating Officer

“Curtis Engine is always looking to hire Power Gen Professionals and add to our level of expertise. Power Gen Professionals are in short supply. When they are available, Curtis Engine will mold and create a position to meet that candidate’s strengths. By doing so, we stay on top of the industry and we are prepared for growth, but we are also prepared for the loss of an employee should that occur.

Michele Kratz

Service Manager

“As Curtis Engine looks to the future, our Service Technicians are continually provided with the training needed to meet any advancements in technology.”

Denise Seidler

Project Manager

“I’d like to see the business grow to include Pennsylvania, Delaware and possibly south into the Carolinas. While it is becoming more difficult to hire experienced workers, once hired, Curtis Engine has an excellent retention rate thanks to our great work environment, benefits and training programs.”

Stuart Thacker

Senior Technician

“We’re fortunate to have ownership that is setting the proper pace, giving us the tools we need to do the best job possible. Our sales and service managers are also doing a great job.”

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