PS-SPEC Enhancements


MTU Onsite Energy is excited to introduce enhancements to our PS-SPEC™ Power System Sizing and Specification Program

PS-SPEC is an all-inclusive software program for consulting engineers, contractors, and other professionals involved in the design, application load analysis and installation of generator sets.

MTU Onsite Energy has created a powerful new version of its PS-SPEC sizing software that now enables users to select generator sets for projects of any size and produce precise specifications. Available as a free download from the MTU Onsite Energy website, PS-SPEC is a complete generator sizing program with an intuitive graphic user interface and extensive step-by-step help files.

The new enhancements include:

  • Direct web links to spec sheets added to the PS-SPEC application
  • New LED and capacitive load types
  • Capability to add leading power factor loads to sizing projects
  • New search functionality in the PS-SPEC application help files
  • Identification of cooling package type in the Sizing and Rating results

If you are already using PS-SPEC, you will be prompted to update to the latest version the next time you log in to PS-SPEC.

If you are not already using PS-SPEC, the updated software is available at the MTU Onsite Energy website.

Important: You must be registered before you can download the PS-SPEC software. Be sure to register first if you have not done so already.

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